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The Otesha Project
640 Laverendrye Drive.
Ottawa, ON K1J7C4
Phone:  613-237-6065

About Us:

We know that our current way of life is harming the planet and its inhabitants.

Only hope and action will remedy this.

For a better future, we each must re-evaluate our own actions and BE the positive change we want to see in the world.

A dream born in Kenya has become a charitable organization of hopeful young people uniting as the Otesha Project. Otesha, which means "reason to dream" in Swahili, was created to mobilize youth to create local and global change through their daily consumer choices. We believe that there are alternatives to our culture of overconsumption, and that each one of us has opportunities to have positive impacts every single day.

The Otesha Project's education programs and bicycle tours use theatre, multi-media, and storytelling to engage a wide range of audiences, and have reached over 72,000 people to date. Otesha's presentations focus on re-evaluating our daily choices to reflect the kind of future we'd like to see - rethinking what we really need, conserving resources, and voting with our dollars. We aim to demonstrate the positive effects our everyday choices can have, by living sustainably, changing the world, and having loads of fun--all at the same time!